“The Don” Edit

One of the most incredible places to ride in Ontario is buried between suburban streets and highways in Toronto, Ontario. Known only as “The Don”, the valley that runs North to South that was once a hub for industrial manufacturing now hold some epic single-track and a DJ run.

The wafts of the sewage plant and rumble of trains remind you that you still are within city limits, but for those fleeting moments where the rush of wind is so loud in your ears you can be anywhere…

The Don from Geoff Williams on Vimeo.

  • cythina

    Toronto, Canada is so lush from such a well watered Spring – The Don is clearly a well hidden jewel in the center of a major city.
    Great camera shots – and music is well timed to the riders.
    Amazing job!

  • http://www.trailburn.ca Steve Hayes

    This is one of the best edits I have seen in a long time! Great job!!